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Lim Meng Tee grew up in an “underworld”, he never knew what is love, and he certainly do not know how to love. Just when he felt he was such a failure, the love of Jesus came upon him. This is his testimony.

Lim Meng Tee

Personal Testimony

Heard of Zika, know the impact? Tony Ong testifies how Zika had affected her daughter, grand-daughter and her family.


Personal Testimony

3 families of 6 adult and 6 kids stepped into the mission field together in 2016. They will be facing winter and unfamiliar culture, why would they put their kids through this journey? What were their concerns? What were their greatest takeaway? The whole journey did not only enriched the locals, it had blessed the 12 of them.

3 families of 6 adult and 6 kids

Mission Testimony